Monday, December 1, 2008

Mumbai attack

In one of the most violent terror attacks on Indian soil, Mumbai came under an unprecedented night attack as terrorists used heavy machine guns, including AK-47s, and grenades to strike at the city. Not only that, the very fact that they easily entered the Mumbai city without hindrance puts a question mark on the governance of the authority.

Now, the question is that, will the resignation of the authority such as the resignation of union home minister Shivraj Patil , dpty C M P R Patil and the C M himself solve anything with the breach of security of Mumbai, or for that matter of the country. Now that with the Election is at hand, the politician are using this incident to their advantage to gain yet another power. How many more innocent llives will India lose because of the imcompetency on the part of those in office

Why is Mary Kom denied of what she truly deserves?

In the light of the news posted in Times of India, dated 2nd december, page 22, it is really saddening to know that a sportsperson like M C Mary Kom have to struggle for something which she truly deserves, the Title of Khel Ratna. Being a world Champion four times in a row is not a piece of cake. And the very fact that she won the boxing world champion title proves her dedication and hard work to the sports she loves and her efforts to bring her country at the world level in the arena of sports compettition. How many Indians have won world championship title in any sports besides Cricket and that too not always, never in a row.

"last year, when my name was recommended by the federation, I had been shortlisted along with Dhoni but (Arjuna awards selection comittee chairman) Milkha singh struck off my name saying that he did not know which sport I competed in. That hurt me teribbly". - Mary Kom (Times of India, Dt. 2 Dec 2008)

This is an ouright insult not only to her but to her profession as well . I really dont know why Milkha singh is appointed as the chairman of such prestigous post which he do not deserve at all. why, if he is the chairman he should be well aware of what kind of sports category are played by Indian player in any particular event. There is very less chance that he is not aware of the sports that Mary Kom played. Its impossible and outrageous. Even if he is unaware of the sports she represent that he should make it a point that he does. This shows not only his imcompetency and inefficiency to hold the post but also his weak rationale towards the sports itself.
he is either lying or just giving an excuse for not giving the title to Mary Kom. Mary Kom deserve the title, infact, more than Dhoni.
This act on the part of the authority shows not only the gender segregation in sports but also the sports itself. secondly, perhaps it could be that he is full aware of what sports Mary Kom represent but however since she belong to the north east, he is not sure whether northeast is a part of India or not. ( this shows the general attitude towards northeast india- apathy) or maybe that, he thinks that the title is not fit for any women player.......there can be lot of alternative reason that he can give for denying the title to Mary Kom, But whatever be the reason it is utterly unbelievable that he is not aware of the sports in which Mary Kom competed in. The whole world is aware of Mary Kom as a world champion in boxing from India.

Mr. Milkha Singh should resign for he is incompetency to hold this office.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


A Smile

Terrorism on nuns

The plight of christians in Orrisa shows how secular india is. The christian population being killed, houses burnt down, and nuns being raped. Another story is that Houses with orange flag were being spared and the same flag was given so as to distinguish the hindu and the non-hindu houses. From these it is evident that christian were picked out. This is nothing but another form of terrorism.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

life as it comes

its amazing how one can use simple Mspaint to create such things like this.

Monday, October 13, 2008

India's Best and Worst States

As reporetd in India Today, September issue, among the Big States Punjab and Himachal Pradesh are listed to be the best performing states. among the Big States, Punjab is ranked first for best overall Agriculture, Consumer Markets, Infrastructure and macro Economy while Himachal pradesh is ranked the best in Investment, Education and Health. Among the Small States, Mizoram hold the first position for best overall, Investment and Governance while Puducherry is best in Investment, education and Health.

"The basic idea is that growth is driven by education, health care, investment in agriculture, good governance and investment in infrastucture..........................The success of Mizoram and Hmachal Pradesh validates the principle that sustained reforms and investment in health and infrastructure bring investment that creates jobs and markets enabling prosperity"

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cycle of Hate

The violence in orissa reaches unprecedented level while the political leadership's failure only widens the chasm of hatred.

In 1998, 5,000 fanatics attack Ramgiri - Udyagiri and destroy 92 dwellings and a church.
In 1999, Australilan missionary Graham Stains and his two minor sons are burnt alive in Monaharpur. In the same year a catholic nun was gang-raped in Mayurbhanj and a priest was killed in jamabani
In 2007, mobs attack christians in Kandhamal on Christmas eve. Following attack on Swami lakshmananda, 800 houses are damaged, 580 families were displaced.

in the present context, the swami's death was the trigger for a wave of anti-christian violence that has engulfed Orissa for the last two weeks targetting Scheduled Caste (SC)-Dalit Converts. The attackers forced them to chant 'Vande Mataram' and 'bajrang bali ki Jai' and in addition to that their houses were burnt to ashes. orissa is no Stranger to religious violence, however what has happened is unparalled. According to reports, there's no evident that Christians were behind the Swami's death.

while this cycle of hate creates an unparallel significance in comuunal riot in Orissa, on the other side it has become a political affair where the loss is incurred by none other than the minority group. According to reports in INdia Today, september issue, the chief ministerof Orissa's attitude has led to the congress, the main opposition, issuing a warning that the state was being plunged inot a communal cauldron to help the BJP, the ruling partner, to expand its base eliminating the minorities. With the State government seemingly helpless and ineffective, the situation is moving from worse to worst reaching a new high in communal riots and establishing a high seat at the pinnacle.

As a result many christians have been homeless and had been moveds to a relief camp. the plight of the christians in orrisa is heartbreaking. I guess what i meant to say is that this cycle of hate can and may bring more bloodshed.

Need to Pray

Dear brother and sister in Christ,

Prayer is the most powerful weapon. Let us not get ourselves negatively influenced by these anti-social elements. Let us pray for the victims and all those who are harmed and also for those family who have lost someone whome they dearly love. Most importantly, as our Lord has taught us let us forgive and pray for them so that they may have ineer peace through our saviour Lord jesus Christ.

Gujrat Bags Nano project

Finally after a much a-do about the nano project in singur, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi scored a major victory, as Tata Motors shifted their dream Nano Car project to Gujarat. It was announced in a joint press conference held by Tata Motors Chairman Ratan Tata and Gujarat CM Narendra Modi. Modi termed the day as historic for Gujarat and people of India, as Nano finally got a place it deserved.

Ratan Tata expressed satisfaction over the deal and said it was as good or slighly better that what they got in Singur. "We are happy to set up the Nano plant in Gujarat. All Singur costs will be retrieved, no big loss on book", said Ratan Tata. The Nano plant will be set up at Sanand near Ahmedabad. The Gujarat government has already handed over 1,100 acres of land to Tatas for the Nano plant. According to Ratan Tata, the plant will have a capacity of 2.5 - 3.5 lakh Nano cars per year in the first phase. "It is a special day for us, as we had a bitter experience in West Bengal", said Ratan Tata.

According to Narendra Modi, Tatas will buy the land at the current market value. "We have opened a new chapter in partnership with Tatas", said a victorious Modi. The industry has expressed huge relief over the deal signed between Tatas and Gujarat. Narendra Modi, who has already taken Gujarat to the zenith of its growth and development, has been hailed as a industry-friendly Chief Minister.