Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Time for Everything

Its been a long long time that I've actually opened my blog. infact I've even forgotten that I have one. But i am back now and hoping that i would be able to make my blog more readable and update it regularly.

Its exactly three years now that I've created this blog. Since then I've had experienced many things and my diaries have been filled with many memories. Lets see, where do i begin and with what experience. it wouldn't be fair to start off at any random occurrence but who am I to say what's fair and what's not, right.

Well, the thing is I am exactly where I was three years before with a little bit of masala added to my existence by life itself. I gained and lost many  good things and bad things as well But, I would not want you or for that matter anyone to think of me as 'LOST'. I am not lost, its just that I haven't found my key to the 'RIGHT DOOR' in front of which I am standing.I have misplaced my key somewhere and hoping that i would find my key soon. 

My life and my experiences  in the past three years are just like the strings of a guitar which when struck alone make a beautiful sound and when strum altogether makes a more beautiful music. I am yet to learn how to strum these strings of mine together so that I may be able to make my life as beautiful as the music that my guitar would make. Yes, 'tis true that sometimes i do ask myself, why is it so difficult to learn to strum my guitar when i knew all the chords? then, I would tell myself, 'have patience John, for there's a time for everything' as is written in Ecclesiastes 3:1 (The Bible - Old Testament). However, I believe that time would not just unfold that for me unless i put in my own effort to build up that opportunity so that when time finds my opportunity worth blessing, i would receive it in abundance. 

Its 8:45 am morning of 8th of December and with my Day nearing by, I could not think of the past but learn from it and look forward to something new and kinder hope in my heart always. 

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