Sunday, December 11, 2011

My last day in delhi for the year 2011

Whew, Its my last day here in Delhi for this year. its been exactly a year that I've made Delhi mine. I've met so many people and made new friends, experienced so many things, learnt so many things. As a person I've changed a lot too. Delhi has given me so much. i just wanted to put up some memories that I have of Delhi here. 

Chawri Bazar: We went for book shopping for used books at chawri bazar in March. Still very cold. Us having a side raod breakfast. (Mithila, nt in the pic, tanu and her friend)

 lining up to enter, the rose garden, which opens only once a year in 5  (i think) years
          Mithila, Tanu and their friends

these are few pics that I'm uploading many memories, and not enough time and space to highlight it here.

Christmas is near and i am going home tomorrow. Looking forward to it and hoping that i'll have a good Christmas this year for last year I did have a blue Christmas, for I was alone,  new place, new house, new everything. This year I have the full intention to carol, visit all my friends old and new, cakes, goodies, present, red and green and decorations...but sadly enough no snow. yet, i intend to fulfill all my Christmas list. 
 I also promised myself, that I am going to give someone some special love for Christmas for Christmas is all about love and giving. the time to forgive and put things behind and look forward to something new. 

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